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She’s usually found illustrating children’s books for big publishing houses, but Mar Cerdà also spends her time creating incredibly intricate and heart warming dioramas.

From ugly protesters, to the Grand Hotel Budapest – she’s made many varied things out of paper. Get lost in her tiny houses made in tuna cans and marvel at the green house full of exotic microscopic plants.

Check out Mar’s website

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Juno Calypso took a road trip to a honeymoon hotel as her fictional character Joyce. She luxuriates and explores her body within the confines of the baby pink walls – surrounded by hot tubs, chinz and babydoll nighties.

The result is a series of images that echo Guy Bourdin sentiments but from a less-idealised perspective.

Visit Juno’s website


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Pottery is back. It’s even on TV. However, if elegant, smooth and faultless vases don’t tickle your pickle – meet Amy Worrall.

Amy does weird and wonderful things with clay. She takes quite specific inspiration from sunburnt brits abroad on the Costa del Sol, and uses the forms she creates as canvasses.

She makes everything from cat shaped biscuit jars with removable heads to plant pots in the shape of, er, breasts, lots of breasts.

Check out Amy’s website


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In a world of seemingly infinite creative resources, not to mention the entire internet full of information and inspiration, it’s always nice to see someone flourish with a limited range of tools and materials.

Oslo based illustrator Natalie Foss works with just coloured pencils and paper, but creates intricate, eye-catching portraits bursting with human emotion, unnatural colours, and fine detailed shading.


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The most ambitious thing we can think of doing on holiday is making it to the bar in time for happy hour. Berlin-based artist Sarah Illenberger on the other hand, took a six week break in Portugal, and simultaneously managed to create a beautiful new series.

It’s called “Wonderplants” and she made the vibrant and intricately decorated greenery by using stickers and tape from local DIY stores.

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The US Department of the Interior busies itself with protecting America’s great outdoors, but apparently saves a little time to also take phenomenal photos.

We’re talking vast lakes reflecting the most beautiful skies you’ve ever seen. Constellations, canyons, glaciers, bear cubs hugging their mother, waterfalls, sunsets, double rainbows emerging from forgotten caves ridden by baby turtles. That last one is a bit of a lie but it wouldn’t be out of place.

Check out their Instagram


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Oh internet, let us count the ways we love thee.
We’ll start with the rise of the infographic.

Cool Infographics round up the best visualisations of weird and wonderful data. To demonstrate with a simple equation: geeky facts + brilliant design = nerd heaven.

Things that await your attention: the deconstruction of wingbeats of different flying species, the history of the Batmobile and the speed of light demonstrated in a 45 minute video of the solar system. Cool huh?


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Meet Nicolai Sclater, a sign writer once based in Hackney, now living in LA, who’s known better around the world as Ornamental Conifer.

When we say around the world, we mean it. His instantly identifiable typography and doodles are etched and emblazoned on to almost everything in all four corners of the planet. Leather jackets, motorcycle helmets and tanks, shop fronts, country houses, glass bottles, skateboards, tshirts, vans and in his self-made zines.

He’s hot property and almost completely inimitable. Check out his designs and then piece together the rest for yourself as you spot them around London.


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Less is more? Or more is more? A philosophical dilemma that plagues many style-related decisions.

Take inspiration from London based style photographer and video maker Charlotte Rutherford – who readily admits she learned to take photographs by doing Myspace bathroom selfies.

Start with a semi naked man or woman, add some baby lotion, a tiny dog, emoji, lots of sparkle/shine and killer clothes and there you have it, her signature explosive and enjoyable colour assault on the eyes.


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Stop worrying about getting older, because we are all cheese – in the right environment we get more awesome as time ticks on. Well that’s what we’ve taken away from Selfridges’ project Bright Old Things.

Photographer Todd Selby (who created interior design eye candy website The Selby) made his artistic contribution by finding older people doing interesting, creative and bright things around London in Oct ‘14. The result is a huge treasure trove of beautiful photographs and vibrant characters caught on film.

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