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In 1832 Michael Faraday put a wire across the river Thames at Waterloo Bridge, and observed electricity generated by the river’s motion through the Earth’s magnetic field.

In this exhibition Rick Myers’ showcases a body of work spanning many forms, each piece considering the neurological, material and poetic aspects of the original experiment.

8th October 2015 – 10th January 2016 at The Southbank Centre


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Dineo Seshee Bopape is a boundary-pushing, sense-bashing artist from Johannesberg and this is her first (and hotly anticipated) solo exhibition in the UK.

She’s deals in sculptural installations made up of everyday items (we’re talking mirrors, bricks, timber) that are then saturated with projected video montages dense with sampled music, re-mixed sound and kaleidoscopic images.

26th August until 27th September at Southbank Centre

Discover's Alliance

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Who hasn’t dreamt of going to space? Set designer Owen Gildersleeve and photographer Benedict Morgan have jointly taken that fantasy and made it a semi-reality.

Their fictional society of sea and space explorers is called the Discoverer’s Alliance – and they’ve opened the door to their secretive club to celebrate it’s pretend centenary.

In reality this is a photographic exhibition Downstairs at Mother, showcasing scenes crafted from paper and blessed by good lighting.

From 4th until 12th June Downstairs at Mother


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Once in a while the world conjures up a human being who drips with creativity and imagination – Alexander McQueen was one of them.

Savage beauty is the celebration of his extraordinary talent and is the biggest retrospective of his work to be presented in Europe.

Talks scattered throughout the duration of the exhibition from it’s curator Claire Wilcox, Mrs Joan Burstein CBE (founder of Browns) and super model Erin O’Conner.

14th March until 2nd August at the V&A


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Pete Hawkins likes to paint on salvaged furniture from around the world. Don’t worry, this isn’t yummy-mummy Farrow and Ball upcycling – far from it.

The pieces of furniture Hawkins choses are evocative vessels that carry his traditional paintings. It’s reflective but playful.
In this intimate exhibition called ‘I See You See’, he explores how we perceive and engage with the world around us – focussing on that moment of being between reality and imagination.

Until the 9th April at Lazarides Gallery


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The Institute of Contemporary Arts currently hosts Fig-2, a gallery running 50 exhibitions over 50 weeks.

This week it’s number 10: Annika Ström’s ’Six Lovely People’.
Known for her performances that centre on behaviourial science, Ström uses Fig-2 as a space for encounter, where six performers will act the parts of ’Six lovely people’.

Who knows what will happen – but certainly expect a lot of optimism, glee, smiles, and positivity.

From 9th until 15th March at ICA Studio


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He’s best known for surreal tomfoolery in The Mighty Boosh, but Noel Fielding is also an accomplished artist.

You might be familiar with the costumes and animations he created for TV, but this exhibition is a stand alone marvel – the latest in a sting of often sold out shows displaying his other paintings, drawings and collages.

Expect portraits of The Beatles, Elvis Presley and experimental works, from the Croydon Art School graduate.

Open 7th, 14th and 15th March from 10am – 1pm or when attending performances at the Royal Albert Hall


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Kim Noble wants to get close to you.

In his new show entitled ‘Kim Noble: You’re Not Alone’ he tells the story of one man’s journey to find connection, friendship and employment at B&Q.

Sometimes surreal and most often eccentric – expect a performance fusing film and comedy that acts as your personal porthole for viewing loneliness in modern society.

24th Feb until 7th March at Soho Theatre


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Convergence festival is back in London for it’s second year. The line up splattered with front line visual artists and music pioneers – Pantha du Prince, Kiasmos, Gary Numan and Tricky – to name a few.

This year is an even more immersive experience with Convergence Sessions – workshops, discussions and installations that explore the relationship and overlap between music, art and technology with a particular focus on an integrated multimedia future.

Various venues between 12th and 21st March. Tickets available at www.convergence-london.com


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Everything we wear tells a story. It tells people who we are, where we go, what we read. Clarks desert boots / drinks Clipper Green Tea / listens to Caribou. Fact.

Women Fashion Power, showing at the Design Museum, takes a look at princesses, politicians and pop stars who consciously or unconsciously use clothes to represent who something. These outfits have empowered and defined them. In a world where women are judged by their looks and fashion choices this is a very positive show.

Until 26th April at the Design Museum, tickets here

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